Lichfield District Council appointed david frisby to act as Expert Witness on highways matters on their behalf at a Planning Inquiry held in January 2018.

The Secretary of State called in the application at the request of a local MP who was opposed to the decision made by Lichfield to approve a planning application in 2017 for 1,000 units of new residential development made by Barwood Land in 2014 to the north of Tamworth

The decision is of particular interest in relation to highways matters as the Inspector concluded that whilst the proposed Monitor and Manage approach put forward by the Appellant would be acceptable, such an approach needed to be supported by robust junction improvements.

A highway capacity improvement scheme was identified by mode transport planning along the length of the Gungate Corridor in Tamworth and presented to the Inquiry; based upon the introduction of that scheme the Inspector concluded that there was no legal or policy impediment to granting planning permission.

The Inspector’s decision on APP/K3415/V/17/3174379 [ LAND NORTH OF ASHBY ROAD, TAMWORTH, STAFFORDSHIRE] can be reviewed in full here.