A spirited and determined ‘Real moderid’ team proudly took second place at Intelligent Data’s charity 5-a-side football tournament on Thursday evening. The event was raising money for Mind (a mental health charity), which is an extremely worthy and admirable cause.

Real moderid started with a very encouraging draw against Phil Jones Associates, with gaffer David Frisby opening the scoring with a neat finesse strike, finishing off a flowing team counter attack – a moment to tell the grandkids.

moderid’s star striker Matt ‘Shearer’ then showed why he was in the running for the Ballon D’or with two ‘Man of the Match’ performances against AECOM and Intelligent Data, and was ably assisted by Matt Fitchett, who ended the tournament with six assists.

There were some hard-fought battles during many of the games, with Josh and Andreas being pillars at the back, not mentioning Adrian ‘Gianluigi Buffon’ not letting anything get past him.  Some of the highlights of the day included some questionable tactics resulting in the injury of the mercurial Sunny, and David being tackled by thin air – there were definitely some sore limbs the next morning!

Well done to everyone that took part and a big thank you to Intelligent Data for organising the event; we will definitely be back to battle for the crown next year!