The Landing

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This brownfield regeneration proposal includes new ground floor retail & cafes , office and residential units. The focus of our work will seek to ensure that the town centre development can be as sustainable as possible; with balanced parking numbers and enhanced facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

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The project includes:

  • the provision of new residential, retail and office parking to be accessed from Broadway;
  • a stunning central public space – to be known as Lantern Circus;
  • investment in local bus stops on Broadway and Queens Street;
  • new pathways through the site to better connect the railway station, Nicholson's Shopping Centre and the High Street;
  • new pedestrian crossings on York Street and Broadway;
  • widening of Queens Street to enhance pedestrian connectivity; and
  • A new, modernised crossing ("a pedestrian scramble") at King Street and Queen Street, creating a seamless link with the railway station.

The application was submitted in Spring 2015 and was approved on 2nd September 2015.

Client: London & Aberdeen Group

Image courtesy of Studio Egret West