mode transport planning has been appointed to prepare a transport parking strategy to support additional staff car parking at both hospital sites to the help manage the existing parking demand.  Currently, both sites experience issues as the existing car parks are at capacity. Additionally, it has been observed that a number of cars park along the link roads, within the hospital estate, are also full. Further necessitating the need for more parking.

In order to outline the case for the hospital needing additional parking, mode prepared the following key transport related elements in support of the planning application:

  • baseline review of the local transport conditions;
  • an assessment of the current and proposed parking proposals;
  • review of locally adopted parking standards to ensure the level of parking provision in line with standards;
  • review of the provision of parking for all modes of transport, including provision for disabled parking bays;
  • consideration and summary of traffic generation for the increased parking, and the subsequent parking accumulation of the proposed car park;
  • provision of input/advice on the car park layout (traffic circulation etc.), in order to guide the design process; and,
  • summarising the above into a transport statement.

Currently the planning application is under consultation with Kent County Council with their planning decision expected this summer.

project summary

Client: Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS
Location: Kent
Office: London
Status: Ongoing