mode transport planning is very pleased to report that the new and vastly improved Accident and Emergency Department Extension at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford has now been handed over for use by the NHS Trust; we are extremely proud to have helped the Trust in bringing this about, through provision of transport planning support in relation to the planning application and construction management of the project.

The planning application and construction required close working between various NHS stakeholders, the design team, contractor, bus operators and the local authorities, to ensure that a variety of transport considerations could be balanced in and around a challenging set of constraints – not least to prioritise the increased provision of ambulance bays and movement space to ensure rapid response times.

The new Accident and Emergency Department will realise increased patient, staff and equipment capacity to help meet increasing day-to-day demand for accident and emergency care in the area.

mode assisted through design of the site access arrangements, both for future operation and to a necessary standard for planning approval, as well as at various preceding construction phases. This ensured that temporary works could take place, whilst ensuring that buses could continue to service this area of the John Radcliffe hospital.

  • Capacity of the new Accident and Emergency department;
  • Review of transport impacts;
  • Review travel planning activity;
  • Public transport review;
  • Liaison with a number of stakeholders;
  • Review of access and layout arrangements;
  • Inputs to construction phasing plans; and
  • Preparation of a Transport Statement