mode transport planning attended the Examination in Public (EiP) day 20 of the New London Plan at City Hall, which studied the topic of freight, deliveries, servicing and construction (Policy T7 of the New London Plan). This policy looks at how the opportunity of area planning frameworks/action plans can strategise freight within the City of London.

Examining London’s freight in the chamber were a number of public and private sector representatives from the freight and servicing industry including companies such as Sainsburys.

The New London Plan Policy T7 aims to:

  • Reduce freight trips within specified areas;
  • Co-ordinate the infrastructure and facilities of freight within the city; and
  • Seek to reduce emissions from freight.

Across the session a number of valid opinions were voiced over the future of freight within London and how in turn the New London Plan will impact the operation of London’s freight industry.

The EiP explored the explicit demand for on-street servicing at locations that are redeveloping London’s brownfield sites, and as the City continues to grow not just outwards but increasingly inwards within Central London locations. How can the ‘Agent of Change’ principle be applied safeguarding London’s already bustling road network without adversely impacting the City’s growth which freight plays an integral role in?

A number of possible solutions that will be put forward to the Mayor were discussed, including improvements to rail and waterway freight within London. With one freight train able to transport 75 HGV’s worth and many of London’s canals and waterways remaining empty, the future of London’s freight may soon look to alternative modes of transport away from the stereotypical HGVs.

mode transport planning will be sure to key a close eye on how the Mayor responds to this EiP session, ensuring our advice and assistance to existing and future clients is in line with the Mayors aims. Further assuring that future developments can help create an increasingly sustainable City of London, which can hopefully set precedence for other cities to follow suit.