Plans to build a £150m motor museum on Enstone Airfield received the green light at planning committee today, which is to be a state of the art car museum and 28 holiday lodges designed by renowned architects Foster + Partners.

Attracting up to 200,000 visitors per year and allowing for luxury Concours d’Elegance events, mode transport prepared a comprehensive transport strategy that included a detailed Transport Assessment and Travel Plan; extensive consultation and information was provided to the public to address any transport related concerns raised, which allowed the Planning Committee Members to reach a positive recommendation, voted in favour by twelve votes to seven.

Founder of Mullin Automotive Park,Peter Mullin stated about the proposals:

“By any conventional measure this will not just be another car museum. We have had the automobile for just over a century, but my great grandchildren will probably never drive a motor car – at least not as we know it. Instead they will travel in secure autonomous pods controlled by a computer. The Mullin Automotive Park will tell the powerful story of the automobile and its role in shaping our societies, while also offering a view into the myriad possibilities that the future holds.”